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11:08pm 04/01/2006
  Hello! I know I havent seen or talked to ANYONE in a million years, but was wondering if anyone would be in town (spartanburg) next weekend. David and I are probably going to Spartanburg next weekend, he wants to meet my parents. And I figgured itd be a perfect time to see some of yall again. Just wonderin......

Nothing new has been goin on. Just the same ol stuff.

I am still lookin for a new apartment.

Anyway, I need to get some sleep.
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08:02pm 31/12/2005
  I have been really happy lately and I'm loving it. I had a good Christmas. It was good to see my family, it seems like it's been a while since I've been able to spend time with them. I spent all day yesterday with David. We went to the mall to use our gift certificates, then we went to the State Museum, then to dinner at Red Lobster. Then we saw a movie...The Ringer. It was very funny. Then we got some drinks at Wild Wings and then went downtown. It was such a good day. I havent found anything about him that I don't like..........yet. But to put a damper on things, Chris of all people, has been trying to tell me he still loves me, and wants to be with me again and wants to work things out because he misses me. GEE! No Way. I keep saying No, I am happier now, blah blah. Its getting really annoying. Then again, I feel bad because I hate to hurt someones feelings! oh well, Im not gonna worry about it.

Anyway, I am still working on my plans for tonight!!! I'll end up doing something. Im gonna go get ready. HAPPY NEW YEAR
crazy relationship rant   
12:41am 19/12/2005
mood: ecstatic
So this guy I have been seeing, I've been seeing a lot of. It's weird. Suddenly I got in the state of mind that I am just gonna go out, do my thing, and dont worry about guys and hoping I can meet a nice one. And the moment I did that, thats when I met a nice one. Everyone has always told me that is how it always works out. He got a little drunk Friday night and started talking about his feelings. He was saying he thinks he is falling for me, and feels like he loves me, but that it scares him and he doesnt wanna scare me away, etc. Actually...he brings his feelings about me up a lot. And all his friends tell me they have never seen him care this much about another girl. It makes me really happy, because I adore this guy! And it gets better every day because I realize all the crap we have in common and agree on, etc

AHH! On a less boring note. We saw Saw 2 tonight. I like it!!

I cannot believe it is almost Christmas. Crazyyyyyy.......

I feel bad, havent talked to my dad in a few months. Oh well....what can ya do.

Well, I am off to bed, have to work in the morning.
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04:29pm 09/12/2005
  Yesterday David and I saw Just Friends. It was really funny.....!! I had to work today, we were VERY busy. Tonight I am going to an employee party with David at the bar where he works. It is going to be free alcohol! Wohoo! Then we will probably go downtown for a while. I have nothing to do in the morning, so its gonna be a good night! I really like David...I'm gonna do things right this time........

Anyway, I cannot wait until Christmas. It is coming so fast!

Well, I am going...........BYEE
06:43pm 02/12/2005
  It's been a LONG time.
Anyway. First of all, 2 days ago I finally got another car. It is the same kind of car, only a year newer, a higher model, a 6 spd, and we ended up getting a better deal on it than with the 2005 that got stolen, so that worked out perfectly. It is SUCH a huge relief to have a car.

I had a great time last night for my birthday, but I stayed out way later than I should have.

About a week ago, I went out downtown with my friend and met an awesome guy. I liked everything about him...so we exchanged numbers. I honestly thought I'd never talk to that guy again. But he DID call me last night and told us to stop by the bar where he works. So we did and he bought all our drinks. Then when he got off, he hung out with us. We talked forever, and he tells me he loves spending time with me, blah blah. And I was shocked that he was sayng all this. I am trying not to get too into this, but I really like him. He asked me to come to an employee party with him at the bar where he works next Friday. And he told my friend he really likes me....I hope hes not just 'playing me',,,,,,,stupid guys. But he's so cute, haha

ANYWAY...I lost my voice from talking so much last night! I had no idea I did that much talking.......it is slowly coming back.

Thats about it, nothing too exciting. Now Im deciding if I wanna go out again tonight........!
01:24pm 23/10/2005
  This is making me really depressed. I kept hoping that just MAYBE they would find my car somewhere. It has been 3 days since it's been stolen, and I dont have hope anymore. Some crackhead probably tore my car apart and sold it for drug money. I cannot believe this, a brand new car, and now it's gone. Now it has just put a huge damper on my life. I have to worry about getting rides to work, being in debt and paying for a car that I dont even have. We are having problems with the insurance company, and I dont even want to talk about that right now. I was hoping to go back to school next semester, now Ive got so much more to worry about. People can be such assholes and it makes me sick. It sucks when you work hard for your own things and it gets taken away just like that. I really don't know what to do. It's hard not to just stay locked up in my room and be depressed!  
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02:20pm 21/10/2005
mood: scared
I have this huge knot in my stomach, I just feel sick. My car was stolen last night, and I've got a feeling I'll probably never see it again. My checkbook, house keys, ID, phone, and debit card are all in my car, along with several personal belongings, and somme of my friend's stuff. Whoever took it text messaged someone this morning with my phone. It showed up online under my account info. This is so screwed up. I just got this car. I am in deep shit. It's so unbelievable to me.
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01:56pm 18/10/2005
  I have been thinking about a lot of stuff lately. I am 22 years old and am still unsure of what I want to do with my life. Lots of people my age are already almost done with school and getting ready for real jobs. I mean, yes I have done SOME schooling, but I can honestly say I dont know what in the world I want to do. But I am getting there. I am not disappointed in myself at all, because I know when I am sure of what I want to do, I will be successful and happy. In the meantime I will enjoy life as I work my way up to that point. The reason I have been thinking about this is because working in a restaurant can get really old! And I start to think, geez..I sure couldnt do this forever. But I still have fun there, and I really feel proud of myself when I write the checks for all my bills, because I know I earn it. It's just a good feeling.

Anyway, I am just rambling. I am about to go to a wine tasteing for my job at 3,and then work at 4.

03:05am 16/10/2005
  Hehy. I had the best tine of my life tonight. Andi have already had to hit backspace a millio9n times in this sentry. My friend Jessica and I went to Good Times, then to the saloon, then to some other bar then to Knock Knocks, then back to the some other bar. And now I am home....alone.

About 10 of us at work all pu tin 10 dollars each to the loottery. If we won that would change my life so much.

abyway, i really need to go to bed

12:45pm 11/10/2005
  I feel like I haven't updated in a while. My sister's wedding went very well. I was very glad to see that nothing went wrong. The food at the reception was sooo good. My mom got Sticky Finger's to cater. I got so tired of standing in one place during the wedding. It took like 40 minutes! I was exhausted after that weekend. I couldn't sleep at all. I was trying to help my mom make sure everything went okay.

I have been doing some major cleaning in the house. My allergies have been pretty bad, so it got me in the mood to clean and get rid of dust! We got rid of our cats. I was so sad. But they are now at Pet's Inc. which is a good adoption center and they dont put any animals to sleep. I'm sure they will have a much happier home. They stayed locked up most of the time here, and the dogs always aggravated them. But I'm still sad!

Anyway, thats all that has been happening. I'll update later.
02:01pm 27/09/2005
mood: annoyed
I'm sick of feeling guilty. Wayne continously tells me things that makes me feel really bad. Basically about my dad, and how I never call him. But I do, and leave messages, and he doesn't return the call. I have been thinking about this a lot lately. About my parents divorce, and how it has totally changed our lives. It just makes me feel sad. And I feel really bad for my sister because our dad isn't even going to her wedding, just because he can't swallow his pride. He keeps trying to make us believe it was Jimmy's fault that they got a divorce. But I lived with them, I saw what went on. I know exactly what happened. And it makes me mad. Yet I still love everyone. And its so hard to love people when they hate each other. But I'll have to get over it.

Anyway, I got my oil changed today. I got so mad because the idiot who did it got oil all over the inside of my care, especially on the ceiling and the visor. Then they wrote on my sticker that I am due for my next oil change 200 miles from now. Retards.

Other than that, things are great. I got a coupon in the mail to get free cheezy bread from Dominos. That stuff is so good. So that's what I will have for lunch today!

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Another pointless update.   
05:04pm 24/09/2005
  I am really excited about my sister's wedding. My grandmother is coming down Thursday. We are all getting our nails done Friday, and our hair done Saturday morning. It's going to be fun. :) I havent talked to my dad lately......I've got a feeling he won't be going to the wedding. How pathetic is that?!

I had a chocolate mocachino today and it was sooo good.

The air in one of my tires kept getting low. So I looked at it, and there was a nail in it! So I had to put my spare tire on, it looks really funny. I guess I'll just take it to Tire Kingdom on Thursday.

Anyway, I off to another night at work.

I'm ready to get back in school. WOO!
01:00pm 20/09/2005
mood: good
It is only 1:00 and I am already home from work. It was definitely a slow morning. I have to be back at 5:00.

So Sunday night we had a party at Brian's house, one of the guys I work with. A lot of the poeple I work with were there, and some of Brian's friends. We had so much fun. We drank a lot of liquor. I lost count of all the shots I took. :\ Then we all went swimming. This guys house is one of the nicest houses I have ever seen. And he lives there alone. He has a heated pool and a hot tub. We've definitely designated that as the new party house. Good times. :)

I am pretty excited about my sisters wedding. Just 2 more weeks to go. I love the bridesmaids dresses. Thank God we didn't get stuck with something ugly.

Anyway, I need to do some cleaning around here!

06:28pm 17/09/2005
  It's been a good day.

The wedding shower went really well. We had a great time. Then I went for a ride on Pauls motorcycle (sister's fiance). It was a lot of fun.

Now, I am about to go back to Columbia and celebrate one of my good friends 21st birthday!! wooo!

Hopefully things will go well tonight. I think we are going to Club RA.

Then I have to work a double tomorrow. GREAT
rambling nonsense   
10:42pm 16/09/2005
mood: thoughtful
I am at home in Duncan right now. I have been helping to get things ready for my sister's wedding shower tomorrow. I am excited for her. As long as she is happy.

I saw Michael Bragg at Bi-Lo today! I haven't seen that boy in years! haha.

Things have been on my mind..for a while. Read more...Collapse )
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09:22am 14/09/2005
  Yay, I am leaving for Myrtle Beach right now, and coming back Friday night. Woohoo.  
09:55pm 29/08/2005
mood: calm
I have been getting headaches all the time. And they are very bad ones that make me have blurred vision. :( I don't know what it's from. I bought some vitamins today and I am going to start eating healthy. No more fast food or junk food. The problem is, it is more expensive to eat healthy. Fruits and vegetables are more expensive than greasy pizzas and microwavable dinners. haha. Oh well. I'll give it a shot. Plus it is so convenient just to stop at Wendy's or somewhere like that after work. Because I usually get off somewhere between 9:30 to 11:30. And I dont ever feel like making food. I'm sure eating that late at night isnt healthy either.

Anyway. I downloaded this thing called Google Earth. It is really neat. You can type in just about any place on earth, and it will take you right to it...from an airplane view. I even found my house in Columbia on it. I tried finding Duncan, but apparently they don't have any pictures of it.

I was planning on going to Duncan today, but changed my mind this morning. I will go next Tuesday instead.

Apparently my dad and step mom said arent going to my sisters wedding. I am sick of them causing drama. This is supposed to be her day, not theirs. They can be so annoying somtimes.

I want to go out again at the end of this week. We'll see how it goes.

I'll update more later
02:45am 27/08/2005
  i had so much fun tonight!!! :)  
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Family Drama Sucks   
05:09pm 26/08/2005
  So my Dad called me a few minutes ago. First of all, for my sisters wedding, she was wanting to have both our dad and step dad walk her down the isle. It sounds weird, but I can relate. Our dad is of course a big part because he helped raise us and is indeed our dad. But Jimmy has done just as much if not more (probably more) for us and has always been there for us like a dad, and he has treated us just like his own kids. So my dad called me today and started saying how there is no way he will walk my sister down the isle with Jimmy. He told me he thought about it long and hard but decided there is NO WAY becaues he feels that Jimmy is the reason we are no longer all together as a family right now, as we should be. I didn't know what to say. It really made me think of a lot of things. I have never known why my parents got divorced. I was just way too young when it happened, and noone has ever talked about it. I have just always wondered. And I dont know if I believe it was Jimmys fault. My parents could have been having problems before my mom met Jimmy. Amanda will probably be upset about it. I feel bad for her, shes under enough stress. My dad told me not to tell her yet. This makes me never want to get married.

I dunno. Don't mean to ramble. That was just weird.
02:10pm 26/08/2005
mood: chipper
HEY! Today is my day off so I have been trying to get some cleaning done. I went out last night with this girl I work with and her roommate. First we went to Club RA, but the line was really long so we decided to go to Rio Nightlife instead. We had a good time. We didnt even stay out too late. I got home by 1:30. I do wanna go out again tonight! :)

It is such a pretty day today! I was going go to Spartanburg since I am off work, but I think I'm going to go Monday instead.

I reallu have nothing exciting to talk about..sooooooo Im gonna go. BYE
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